About the Author

two eggs, a whisk, jar of flour, and pitcher of cream on a cutting board with white tulips in a vase

Want to explore new recipes and create delicious edibles?

I have been baking for over 10 years and have a degree in patisserie and baking. I was a professional baker for three years and continue to be an avid home baker. I love testing out new recipes and perfecting old standbys!

In 2020, I started to explore the fun world of cannabis edibles.

With my baking high hat on, I want to know:

What makes a great edible? What flavors complement the terpenes in the cannabis strain that I am working with? How much cannabis do I need to use to get the right amount of THC per serving?

And many more questions to be answered with baking!

Baking High is where I share the thrill of a new recipe and the joy of creating delectable edibles!

– Lindsey

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