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An introduction to Baking High. Welcome!

I am so excited to get Baking High off the ground. I have been (seriously) baking for over 10 years now. I went to pastry school back in 2008 and worked in several professional kitchens, including at a resort, a swanky country club, and a private bread bakery.

Over the past 10 years, I also baked at home, albeit occasionally. In 2020, I became very interested in transforming baked goods into edibles using cannabis infusions. I soon discovered the breadth of goodies that can be easily altered to become edibles. The baking world is budding with possibility!

With Baking High, I would love to encourage others to venture into making edibles. And if you’re not sure? Just make the recipes without any cannabis revisions!

Also make sure to check out my High Ideas! This is where I share those magical ideas that only come to you when you’re high.

Some helpful terms to get us started

Cannabinoid : compounds found in cannabis. You might already know a couple! THC and CBD are well known cannabinoids.

Cannabis : refers to the flowers of the psychoactive cannabis sativa plant. You might know it as “weed” or “the devil’s lettuce”.

Edible food that has been infused with cannabinoids. Picture a big pan of pot brownies.

Infusion the final product after blending cannabis with something else. Think: cannabis infused butter.

THC if you want the scientific definition, skip the next sentence. Now that the lame-os are gone, THC is basically what makes weed (hopefully) fun.

THC is either of two physiologically active isomers C21H30O2 from hemp plant resin especially one that is the chief intoxicant in marijuana

Definitions are from my hilarious, beautiful wife Michelle and our good pal Merriam-Webster.

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